Saturday, 24 April 2010

Sedate Saturday....

I am deeply aware that my Friday post didn't get here till Saturday - enough in itself to indicate a day given over to day late and tired ism.

Having been despatched bright and early into town to get supplies for the garden like rope and bolts, I bumped into Phil on the way home.

He was at a loose end and so we thought it might be an idea to quickly scaffold the back of the house.

So a days plans got completely rewritten, again, and loads of scaffolding got hauled and put together and hammered and things like that.

I should, I suppose rejoice in progress.

Management however has emerged re invigorated and full of new ideas.

These include a serious review of our plans for the refurbished house.

This was to have been a reconfigure of the upstairs to make 3 bedrooms and a bathroom where there had formerly been 2 bedrooms and a bathroom.

The plan now seems to be that the walls we took down are going back up pretty much where they were. Creating a 2 bedroom house - just like it was before.

Though the ceilings are all now all coming down and many of the internal walls are being hacked back to nothing as well.

I think I might be starting remember why I hate building work.

So tonight I went off to revisit my past.

Someone asked me to run the door on a concert.

I used to do door work at rock gigs and such like things.

A charity bash for Save the Children that turned out was a bit of a promotional wash out.

But I was a boy scout and did my good deed for the day.

Now I am a tad tired but can't sleep.

Unlike management who can....

It's raining too.

She cannot garden in the rain so she might want to work indoors tomorrow or of course today as it is now.

Oh No Please....


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