Wednesday, 11 March 2015

being an academic for a day

Today has been a day for being a bit clever, not that I am but it's nice to pretend.

Off to uni and the place was in meltdown lots of people due to interview had not turned up and all the candidates were there.

So instead of 3 panels interviewing 3/4 each, we usually have some no shows, we had two with 6 each.

And our panel had some really good people who answered every question in full. In fact, they were such nice, good quality candidates you could not shut them down.

So, normally it  would be done and dusted and off to lunch by one, instead we were still locked in the room at three.

No breaks no coffee and by three I wanted to be at home, except tomorrow I am off to Brittany, but just for half a day and it's going to be full on.

But noticing the front tyres were a spot low on tread this morning meant a stop off on the way home to have them changed.
Just what I need after the day I had today.

Thankfully I wont have to drive tomorrow, Bruce is coming with me so she can drive while i snooze,

She will need the GPS though, was there any need to change the language to Korean, probably not....


Saturday, 7 March 2015

It's not nice to be prooved wrong

Many years ago,  we spent  bit of time with someone who worked for Child and Adolescent Mental Health services, someone for whom I have huge respect. Someone who has had more than enough of the lack of service and cleared off to work somewhere else. 

So anyway this chap made a dire prediction about one of our foslings, he prophesied that he was unsaveable and not reachable. There was nothing anyone would be able to do to prevent him going down one life course.

Of course, this was red rag to a particularly opinionated bull  and we have I think given it our very best shot for a whole 13 years.

Sadly though, i think our mate was right and the 13 years was a bit of a waste of effort.

Well no it wasn't, he knows right from wrong and when he chose wrong he really could not imagine anything else.

So, anyway, next week we get to find out what the Police actually have on him.

If the first interview is anything to go by, I think it might be showtime.

Leaving Care (and was a team ever more aptly named) have been looking for an excuse to dump him, i think he's just handed them one on a plate.