Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Sky's the limit......

With Branwen and i both defrosted it was time to try and get the satelite located. Call in an expert, down the drive came my mate Dai. simple solution says he, we were 180 degrees out looking for the Sattelite. Ok then, off came the dish out came the chainsaw. Cut a mounting plate on the other side screw everything on and connect the meter.

Mass swearing the level of signal seemed to go up and down at random. No sense no signal, well not at the decoder box anyway. Several hours of struggling in the rain - getting nowhere, at least we were getting there fast.

Darkness fell, this was not funny and it was cold.

Soo off we went, beer o clock.

Some days later back on the scene, new compass, the old compass was 180 degrees out. Dismantle the whole set up again more chain saw and back up it goes. Same thing, the signal strength goes up and down at random.  Nothing in the house.

Maybe time to use another signal meter, as luck would have it we have one. In  a matter of moments we have signal that is blowing the doors off. Impressed or what?

Into the house and - nothing at the set box. no signal.

How could that be?

Lets measure signal strength at the set box, blowing the doors off, and that before the dish was connected - two meters both defective.

Oh the joys!!

Look on the bright side, were we that bothered that there was no telly for Xmas - not really.   

Is there telly now?


Time to say bucket and move on I think