Thursday, 24 December 2015

twas the night before Xmas.......

Twas the night before Xmas and all through the house it was bloody Bedlam!!!

Out this morning filed with dread and into town. Surprisingly light traffic, into the cash and carry hoover up some things on short date. on to Aldi where all the fresh meat was reduced by 50 percent. Tesco turkey crown 12 pounds Aldi 4 pounds - sorted: big lump of turkey, a free range stuffed chicken and change out of 7 quid. 

Then it was on to Tesco, my had things woken up since we arrived in town, Mad Max in the car park, Close Quarter Combat in the aisles.

Glad to get home but no peace even here, full on Xmas cooking with Rayburn running flat out. Red Hot Chilli Peppers on the Stereo.

Funny though as I sat here, I started to look back,  last year i was working, bringing up someone Else's children. As I was every Xmas as far back as 1998. That year I was a hotelier, and I had worked every Xmas day since 1992. That year I was a residential social worker and I had worked every Xmas day since 1986.

Going to be a strange feeling, not working Xmas day. Won't be quiet though, I think we have a total of 17 people here. Starting to wish I had taken that security work. Wonder if i still have that blokes phone number....


Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Twas the night before Xmas eve

So the dread  eve approaches full of menace, we are under imminent threat of an outbreak of Xmas.

This is supposed to be a time for families which is why so much family time is devoted to arguing I guess.  This year is quite odd for us, normally we would be splurging money of everyone but this year we are broke. Now when I say broke I don't mean eviction is imminent or that the power is about to be turned off but it has been a tough few months.

Our last placement G moved out in about August, big D moved into his new flat in July. Now, when I say moved, he has been back pretty regularly and is here for the Xmas celebrations.

Except celebration will be a bit thin this year, we have survived on wheeler dealing and festivals  virtually since July. I have worked 5 or six festivals over the summer, we are doing security for 7 festivals either as main contractor or sub contractor next year. That though is next year, somehow we have to get to then.

We have applied to replace the fostering with working in adult services, one thing we forgot is the total inertia in social services. From applying in about May they have now indicated they will have completed the assessment by March. There is a strange thing in there, imagine if this was going to be your main source of income and from applying for the job to starting work took that amount of time.

Oh hang on, it's going to be exactly that.

So this year Xmas here will be a muted little affair, well maybe not I think there are 16 of us on Xmas day. Please note also, for those planning a budget of hundreds for a gatheirng of 4, we reckon on having change from 50 quid to feed everyone, as I said we did dealing, so it's not going to be fish finger and chip.  

Actually, for me, a security job has come up  for Xmas day, a venue with a reputation for being a tough call, boozing and brawling, easier than being here then, and they pay 50 pounds an hour over Xmas, ideal. Thing is, one day on 50pounds an hour is no recompense for being homeless afterwards, and if I took that job she would definitely chuck me out!! .