Friday, 22 February 2013

Long time

It's been a bit of time since i posted and lots has been going on.

The students mum fell again, broke the other femur.

Of course being who she is, at 101 they gave her a general anaesthetic and - she came through.

We went to see her yesterday and being who she always is she slept through our time in hospital. ,

I had a rifle through her file and was amazed all the vital signs so stable.  

Today, there are concerns for her.

There is a rational part of me that says that, at 101 you cannot possibly survive two hip operations in one year.

When they wrote the  books, no one had met anyone like the students mum.

 I have a bit of a feeling though, we might now be into end games, you can never tell with her though.


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Wateronearth is going on

While we were out in Brittany all the house trips flipped out. Something dodgy electrical again, last time it was when the pump failed, this time, it was the pump again something we worked out when the taps stopped working.

Back came the engineers van and properly bizarre the cable to the pump had a small nick in and water had emigrated down to the pump which had shorted and taken out the house trip switch.

GREAT that's another big bill we have coming just when we could use little bills. It's not like there is any shortage of water after all, the sky has been pouring water solidly for months. Everything is soaked especially the electrics on Tallies Clio. There is so much water in the roof of the car it's hard to work where it's coming from - damn nuisance.

The 600 miles round trip to collect Bethans car was well worth it lovely little AX with full history for not much by way of money.

Of course this is against a background of full on dramas. Little D coming up to 18, is finding things particularly hard.   He has a range of choices, each of which has conditions and each of which will have consequences. He doesn't like this at all, last week he was saying how if  he makes an agreement it does not mean he has to keep it. He wasn't at all impressed when the student said that was great as she didn't want to give him the lifts into town she had agreed.....

At the moment he is on virtual suicide watch after he expressed a desire to jump off a cliff. I was a bit bemused about this: his plan was to go into town to find a cliff to jump off. Could have been a challenge as town is pretty much close to sea level and cliffs are not exactly a prime local feature. He has also messaged all his mates that he was poisoning himself, at the time he was sat in bed eating a ready meal. So really I suppose what he said was true but that is taking a bit of a long term view.....

Fostering, every time I say I can't be surprised along comes another surprise. 


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Back to the mill

Been such mad a couple of weeks with snow and all sorts.

So much to do no time to write it up.

We had a lovely weekend in Brittany though and now she is back in the university groove.

Essay essay essay.