Monday, 19 May 2014

Bath time

So anyway, today I got up and did things that needed to be done like kids to school and college.

Bit of housework then into town to pick up Bethan.

Light the fire before I go so I can have a bath in a little while.

Bethan all urgency and need to get to work, obviously a bath needed first, lucky i lit the fire really.

Bath for Bethan and lift to work keep the fire in bath for me later.

Came home and Dai turns up with the new door, not a problem keep the fire in sit and chat with Dai.

Dai's gone, Taliesin and Chantelle walk past with towels, better keep the fire in.

Deal with tea and collect Bethan from work

Back home and time for a bath.

Hang on who's  that striding towards the bathroom with towels?

It's the management.

Better keep the fire in then...


Sunday, 11 May 2014


I don't think there has ever been a gap like this in my blog.

We are sitting here waiting for the contractors to insulate the house from the outside. Our lovely old stone walls will disappear under insulation. It will be a loss but in actuality this house gets very cold when the wind blows and the wind blows all the time!

This is also why we are debating if we want to gamble on going for planing for a serious wind turbine here, one that would guarantee our life here for the next ten years, except herself fancies moving sometime not too soon. It would still make the house worth more though, a guaranteed income for the future.

Trying to future proof is a big thing for anyone really, I can see the appeal of moving for herself, the house really is far too big for us if we don't have lots of kids bouncing off the walls.

Herself has had a major gardening buzz this year, we are well on our way to self sufficiency in   veggies and we should be up to our knees in soft fruit next year. Though unlike the last time we did serious gardening there is a restaurant in town which will take anything we have left over.

This year too I have managed to bring more of the fields here under control. We have about 4 acres mowed, well we would have if the weather had not turned all non temperate. Mowing operations are suspended with the ground wet and the wind blowing.

Time to get the fire going again.