Sunday, 20 October 2013

Sunday sunday......

It has been a very long time, quite uncharacteristic in fact since I got myself organised to post on here.

Life, as it has a habit of doing has filled the empty void that would normally be blogposting.

Health has been a bit of an issue, my knees going on strike and rendering me fairly immobile.

Also of course the agency, young G gawd bless her has declined to go to school. Now the Education Act is pretty exacting, any parent who has let their child go without schooling for as long as this young one would be getting some pretty heavy threats and visits from attendance officers. Of course if the parent is responsible for scrutinising their own conduct all that tends to go by the board. She has sat here since September with precious little by way of education, getting under our feet and into our hair. Discussions are taking place at a very senior level, discussions however do not educate children, schools do that!

The positive though has been a post bad knee flurry of activity, our Rayburn is in. I thought someone had tattooed a silly grin on to the graduates face, she has been just delighted. It's a strange old thing a Rayburn, delivering sufficient heat to warm the whole house whilst using very little fuel indeed. The downside being that it runs best on coal, hardly green and not terribly cheap, but it uses barely a bucket a day which is very little indeed.

There has also been an auction - never a good idea to let herself loose with a bidders number. She did however get some very very nice arts and crafts corner cupboards for not a great deal of money - another result there then. Of course all good news is tempered and this was no different. I had spotted a very useful looking towrope sat in the corner. So of course herself was duly tasked with bidding on this whilst i went off and saw to some child care issues. Meanwhile, herself was all in the bidding so when the "car puller" came up, naturally (??) she assumed that was a tow rope and bid until she won it. Now, I am not going to suggest her hearing is suffering from age but "Car puller" and "calf puller" are two very different items, well in my book they are. In case you are wondering; a calf puller is some medieval torture device looking tool for use by vets and farmers, and, we now posses one.

We also have a whole load of firewood waiting to be processed, which is good in a playing catch up sort of way, we are still way behind on the firewood front. i dare say today will be given over to chainsaw and axe. What with it being of a non rainy if a bit windy disposition.

Another success story has been our wood stove, well it's always been a success really but there have been issues around the flue and proper sealing thereof. Yesterday was a full on  living room full of soot day at the end of which the flue system has been completely reconfigured. The fire is working far better - much to the cats delight.