Friday, 1 November 2013

Time to ourselves

 The student, well no nowadays she is the graduate, does not do Armani or any of these here off the shelf clothes from prestigious brands. Only tailor made is good enough, put another way, every so often she makes herself some clothes, sounds a well posh if you say everything is individually styled and made to measure..

The cause for all this sewing machienery and cutting of cloth? For a change, we are going out tonight, when /i say for a change, I mean it too. Of course we could only be going out for a few minutes as it's not clear if the organisers tonight have a security firm booked (in which case I get the night off) or not (in which case....)

Everything has been a bit all over the place, last weekend we were due to head on out to sunny Brittany. Of course those of you based in this continent will know last weekend it was well windy Brittany and all the ferries were cancelled. Now, we did this one about the same time last year, 24 hours turned into 9 days, so this time we cancelled in good time.

Leaving us a week to spend at home achieving very little as the weather has pretty much cancelled everything. No chainsawing, means no wood axing, means no stacking, means trailer still loaded, means no more wood fetched.

So going out tonight could be a good thing. 

On the plus side, i did another day in university last week which will be good for the exchequer in a month or two when they get round to paying me, just in time for the January "WE SPENT HOW MUCH" Xmas post mortem.

With a bit of luck and a fair wind we might get out to Brittany before then too...