Saturday, 26 March 2016

After the sun has gone in

If I were frank i would admit this has been a tough old year. A year meaning 12 months not the time since January. The last couple of years has seen fostering peter out as herself and myself being a bit assertive and a long way from daycastle has been enough to stop us getting used (and abused) by the fostering service.

About March we put in our application to work in a totally different field which would of course leave us potless till the money came in. After the most long drawn out process ever, our application goes to panel next week. We might even be earning money by the end of the month.

This has not been a matter of small  consequence we have survived pretty much a year on next to nothing. I've been off doing festival work (and much fun was had if truth was known), local security work has happened and lots of training has been done.

All in all a jolly old time but one where money was outrageously tight. he freezer has been run to within and inch of empty and some quite intriguing food combinations have been poured out on plates.

Everyone has been feeling the pinch meaning those food combinations have to exclude anything on Tallies can't possibly eat list and take account of Bruce the Vegan.

Bruce  reduced the issue somewhat by clearing off to El Salvador to build something which had bought us 12 weeks grace. She is however back Wednesday and we will be back to normal on that front.

I have been pretty amazed with our resilience really and we just need a couple more weeks to allow finances to normalise. Normalise meaning we can pay our bills. Eat, maybe even vanish across the sea and forget things for a few days.