Monday, 8 October 2007

The course of GPS and autoroute and AA route planner and RAC and google....

Following last weeks Reading debacle there has been a fair amount of cogitation going on.

Now dear reader I invite you to enter sample routes into your auto route and see what it come up with.

If for example I lived in Banbury and wanted to get to Colchester, my logical brain would suggest that I cut across using A roads tending towards dual carriageways .

But no switch off brain, switch on GPS, or auto route, or RAC route finder, Google navigation, any of them and you will be guided towards the M25 as if these map programmes were made by a company that was getting paid for the number of fools it could direct into dense traffic.

I now know the essence of the congestion on the M25.

It has nothing to do with too many cars.

The volume of Lorries is not a problem.

Motorcycles? Loads of room for all of them, though if I was doing the M25 any thing like regularly my wheels would have Ducati on the side of the tank without any doubt at all.

No the modern malaise, the completely clogged up motorway system owes nothing to motorised hardware but computer software and us soft in the head types who are daft enough to use it.


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T.D said...

It's a motorway conspiracy